Climate Change Gets 21 Minutes in Five-Hour Presidential Debate


CNN hosted the 2nd Democratic presidential candidates’ debate this week on two consecutive nights (July 30th and 31st). Twenty of the 24 Democratic candidates participated, with 10 different candidates taking the stage on each night. Inside Climate News estimates the candidates discussed climate change and the environment for 21 minutes.

The candidates’ agreements and disagreements were predictable. The ping pong went something like this: Climate change is an existential crisis, we must be aggressive and bold; yes, but we must also be pragmatic; climate change is the central issue affecting the economy, health, and national security; yes, but tying to other issues like universal health care makes it harder to address; building a clean energy economy will create millions of union jobs; yes, but Washington won’t change until we prosecute the criminal fossil fuel industry. Transcripts of the debate are available here and here.