Court Rejects Obesity Class-Action Against McDonald’s

A New York court has refused to certify a class-action lawsuit against McDonald’s by people claiming it made them obese. As Ted Frank notes, the whole case should have been dismissed as baseless long ago, without even getting to the issue of class-certification. Earlier, a Brazilian judge ordered McDonald’s to pay a fat employee $17,500, in a truly moronic ruling. Never mind that eating at McDonald’s doesn’t make skinny people fat (I lost 10 pounts while working at McDonald’s).

The Obama administration is now barring poor mothers from using taxpayer (WIC) money to buy white potatoes, even though baked potatoes are more nutritious than apples or bananas. But they can still use the money to buy all kinds of things with little nutrition.  Meanwhile, the Obama administration used $766,000 of your tax money to subsidize the opening of an International House of Pancakes (IHOP) in Washington, D.C., even though IHOP food is no healthier than McDonald’s. The money was a discretionary grant from the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS). Another branch of HHS foolishly encouraged mothers to stock their refrigerators with apple sauce (which has no nutritional value at all unless vitamin C is added to it, since an apple’s natural vitamin C is lost when it is processed into apple sauce).

The New York Times earlier reported that the Agriculture Department is subsidizing the development of fatty foods to benefit large restaurant chains.

Liberal municipal officials want to ban the opening of new McDonald’s restaurants under the theory that they are racist for making minorities fat, and that McDonald’s is guilty of “food apartheid.” (Yet when fast-food restaurants refuse to deliver to poor sections of town, liberal trial lawyers claim that that, too, is racist. No matter what they do, fast-food restaurants get accused of racism.)