Danish Government Pays Scientists to Dispute Lomborg

The Danish Energy Department paid a researcher to promote their climate policy strategy in debates with Bjørn Lomborg. Peter Laut billed about 500 hours of work to the Energy Department a year during the previous administration in Denmark. The other member of the Energy Department’s climate advisory group was sued for libel after he accused a documentary film maker of being “paid for by the oil industry.”

It is not unusual for scientists to be paid advisers to the government, but Laut wrote commentaries for the Minister of the Environment and promoted the government’s climate policy in the media and in public debates. After a debate in Aalborg in 1999, he wrote in his invoice for the 80 hours of preparation time, that “the project was a success, for once Lomborg was the one that looked like a fool.” He presented himself as an engineering professor from The Technical University in Denmark during the debate and did not disclose his ties to the Energy department.