Eileen Norcross on the Stimulus Bill

Each year, the Competitive Enterprise Institute offers a journalism fellowship to a promising young writer in hopes that it will help them start a career fighting unchecked government power and working towards a freer society.

We’re happy to see our Warren T. Brookes fellow from 2001-2002, Eileen Norcross, gracing the pages of today’s Washington Post.  Lawmakers in Washington are trying to answer an important question regarding the stimulus bill: Is it better to spend never-before-seen amounts of money quickly to jump-start the economy, or should Congress be more deliberate in its consideration of the stimulus bill?

Ms. Norcross’s advice:

“You can’t have both,” said Eileen Norcross, a senior research fellow at George Mason University’s Mercatus Center who studied crisis spending in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. “There is no way to get around having to make a choice.”

Norcross has recently teamed with Jerry Brito, also of Mason’s Mercatus Center, to produce StimulusWatch.org, a site that allows anyone to write about and vote on the merits of potential stimulus projects.

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