Global Warming Alarmists Want Entire World to Become Cuba

If you looked around the world today, you probably wouldn’t say the top problem was people eating too much meat and drinking too much milk.  But you wouldn’t have counted on the alarmists who believe the world is just a few years away from burning up.  Some of them want to drastically cut meat and milk consumption–making the rest of us live the way the Cuban government makes its people live, though for ideological rather than environmental reasons.

Reports Investor’s Business Daily:

Basing its recommendation on the theory that the greenhouse gases emitted by meat and dairy production are principal contributors to global warming, the Food Climate Research Network, operating out of the University of Surrey, strongly suggests that meat and milk consumption in developed countries be rationed.

This nonsense emanating from an institute of supposedly higher learning is alarmingly similar to the madness spouted by Rajendra Pachauri, the vegetarian chair of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, who wants people to “give up meat for one day (a week) initially, and decrease it from there.”

The limit prescribed by the British group is four ounces of meat every other day and one liter of milk, “just about enough for cereal in the morning” — or 100 grams of cheese — each week.

Americans currently consume roughly 10 ounces of meat a day and drink a little more than 1.5 liters of milk per week. Each of us eats more than 270 grams of cheese on a weekly basis.

Fearmongers who want to ration meat and milk would force the world to eat like residents of communist Cuba, where food is rationed by a malevolent regime that has institutionalized scarcity. In that workers’ paradise, the average ration of meat — if available and including fish — is two ounces per day. Milk is distributed only to children under 7, and each Cuban gets 12 eggs per month.

“Limited in what they can eat, Cubans spend much time thinking about their next meal,” AP reporter Anita Snow, who lived on a Cuban diet for 30 days, wrote last year. “I found myself obsessing about food as well.”

Just what we need in America!