Millions Dead

Millions dead and that’s still not enough for environmental activists to change their colors. Last September, Dr. Arata Kochi, Director of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global Malaria Program, called on the environmental community to “help save African babies as you are helping to save the environment.”

Kochi’s plea was part of an announcement that the WHO would seek increased use of the pesticide DDT to fight malaria. Rather than answer his call, green groups continue their crusade against DDT. Leading the charge is the Pesticide Action Network and Beyond Pesticides. The Sierra Club is trying to play both sides—fighting DDT by saying it disagrees with the WHO’s claims about safety and maintaining that we should use alternatives as much as possible. They say we should only resort to DDT in cases where it is “critically needed.” What could be more critical than millions of kids dying every year!? WHO and developing nations have been trying the alternatives for several decades now—and they are not working!