Nanny State to the Poor: No Soup for You!

As reported in the American Council and Science and Health‘s daily email, “Morning,” nanny state regulations in New York mean that there is less food available for the poor during Thanksgiving–and beyond. Why? Soup kitchens like the Bowery Mission report having to trash food donations because New York City has banned restaurant foods containing trans fats. Charities are forced to throw away food as lines at their kitchens grow longer during the recession. These regulations are certainly extreme and unnecessary. There is some evidence that high levels of trans fats are not healthier than saturated fats as was once believed, but their risks have been greatly  overstated. While individuals, particularly those with heart issues, might want to limit trans fat, tossing food needed to feed hungry people is really criminal. What next? Are we going to deny food to the poor because it has too much salt, sugar, or calories. What about food that comes in plastic containers–like bottled water? Don’t be surprised. That just might happen.