National Donut Day: Eat One for Yourself and One for Freedom

Donut 1 - pexels

The Competitive Enterprise Institute first started its two-donut campaign back in 2010. There were some formidable issues back then, from childhood obesity to international tensions to the alleged terrors of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Those issues are still with us, but the volume of political debate over them has been ramped up way past Spinal Tap’s eleven mark.

And the same is true of central planning hectoring, with nearly every personal decision becoming a deal-breaking issue of virtue and human survival.

So in the spirit of Brexit, rock and roll, overindulgence and nonsustainability, in the spirit of taking a car ride for the sheer pleasure of it or staying up past your bedtime, we say be a role model. Set an example for your community. Eat two donuts—one for yourself, and one for your freedom. 

Some may ask, “Are you serious?”

The answer is yes. 

Sort of, but yes.