New Fast Food Restaurants Banned in South Los Angeles

New fast-food restaurants are now banned in South Los Angeles.  Say goodbye to many entry-level jobs in that poor urban area. The cockamamie idea behind this ban is that since minorities are disproportionately obese, and since they disproportionately patronize fast-food restaurants, such restaurants are thus guilty of  “food apartheid.”  (Never mind that many fast-food entrees are not particularly fatty, that baked goods are a bigger source of calories for kids than fast-food items like pizza, and that it is possible to lose weight while regularly eating at McDonald’s, as various people have, including me, Soso Whaley, and a Richmond man who lost 86 pounds.)

On the other hand, a federal judge recently refused to certify a class-action lawsuit against McDonald’s over claims it made people obese.

While liberal busybodies are attacking McDonald’s and other fast-food chains, they are simultaneously using federal tax dollars to subsidize the opening of an International House of Pancakes in Washington, D.C., and the Agriculture Department is subsidizing the development of even higher-calorie entrees at a major restaurant chain.