New Regulation in MD a Halloween “trick”?


Unfortunately, this is not a Halloween joke— the Maryland Parole and Probation Division is completely serious.

Sex offenders in Maryland are being told that on Halloween they must display the above sign (which the Division kindly mailed out to local sex offenders) to warn trick-or-treaters that there’s something less pleasant than candy awaiting them in those particular houses of horrors.

There isn’t much one needs to say to illustrate how ridiculous an idea this actually is or the faults in the logic of the plan (like for example, the fact that many young kids who may not understand the signs go out alone on Halloween, or teens may think of it as a challenge). Even those saddled with the pumpkin decorations think it’s a silly attempt:

…some sex offenders think the pumpkin sign “is a joke” and that one asked “whether we would we be giving him a turkey decoration at Thanksgiving.”

The Maryland ACLU declined to comment for this article.

You know what you’re doing is ridiculous when even the ACLU is speechless on the matter.  File this under just another stupid Maryland law.