New Video on the D.C. Taxicab Medallion Bill has a new video up today, “D.C. Taxi Heist: How a new law would screw drivers and riders,” that explains why Washington’s proposed medallion bill was introduced (*spoiler alert* it’s typical sleazy local D.C. politics), who will benefit from it (*a small number of politically connected cab companies), and who it will harm (*anybody who isn’t a corrupt politician or cab company owner).

Produced by reporter Jim Epstein, who was arrested at a D.C. Taxicab Commission hearing for having the gall to film the arrest of another journalist, the video does an excellent job laying out why it is really stupid to more than halve the number of legally licensed cabs in the city. Anyone who’s been stuck in a downtown downpour knows what I mean.

Watch it here:

If you’d like some more detail on the legislation and exactly how the medallions will be issued, see my summary of the bill here.