CEI Adjunct Fellow Steve Milloy has more on the polar bear issue in his weekly must-read FoxNews column: “Let’s keep in mind that polar…

Consumer Freedom


EU Honesty

Some remarkable statements about the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions performance in an official EU document by Eija-Riitta Korhola, Vice-Chair of Kokoomus (Finnish National Coalition…

Energy and Environment


Awards Season

From Numberwatch, the Sixth Annual Numby Awards.  Readers will be glad to know every effort was made to preserve the planet’s delicate ecosystem: Once…


Farewell to Frank

Frank Johnson, the Thatcherite journalist and wit, died recently at the tragically early age of 63. It has been a bad year for Thatcherites –…


Making Job Losses Bad Politics

Yesterday, President Bush announced that he may go along with Congressional Democrats’ proposal for an increase in the federal minimum wage, in exchange for…


Who gets the farm pork?

According to news reports, the U.S. Department of Agriculture will release on Wednesday a database showing just which farmers get part of the $56…