Kurt Vonnegut, RIP

Grossly overrated novelist Kurt Vonnegut Jr. died yesterday after a fall. I’ve never quite understood why a man of such modest talents received so much…


How Business Rates

Business gets a bad rap in America, but I didn't know how bad that rap was until I saw quantified and laid out in easy…


Smearing Coal

Readers of the Wall Street Journal this morning will have noticed several really expensive ads depicting pretty faces smeared with coal dust and the headline…

Energy and Environment


Save the World by Cooking

My wife and I are fans* of in-your-face chef Gordon Ramsay’s program The F Word, which airs on BBC America (but which is actually…


The Tip of the Iceberg

I have a piece in today’s National Review Online about the new bill that would provide optional federal chartering (OFC) for insurance companies. OFC,…



Now I wanna be a Stooge

Anyone who doubts that Americans are living longer and healthier need only see the Stooges, Michigan’s godfathers of punk, who, pushing 60…