Public-Sector Unions in the Northeast are a Tough Group to Please

The cozy relationship between liberal governors in Northeast states and Big Labor is becoming strained. Elected Democrats are realizing how strongly strings were attached to the campaign contributions from unions and are seeing resistance to any kind of fiscally responsible reform. To Big Labor’s chagrin and taxpayer’s glee, governors from Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts are currently focused on fiscal responsibility, not reelection.

Gov. Dannel Malloy of Connecticut tried to negotiate with state unions to balance his state’s budget, stating he was the antithesis of Gov. Chris Christie and his attacks on unions. This move has backfired. Gov. Malloy believed that Big Labor would be reasonable and take the concessions to keep state workers employed. Now with a $1.6 billion budget gap, the layoffs will begin. The true test of Gov. Malloy’s resolve to protect the taxpayer will come during his reelection campaign. Will the fiscal solvency of Connecticut be Gov. Malloy’s top priority or will maintaining the steady stream of cash from government employee unions?