RealClear Radio Hour: Social Justice and Overcriminalization

This week on RealClear Radio Hour we look at two sides of criminal justice reform—from encouraging entrepreneurial hustle and productive reentry into society to reining in overcriminalization.

My first guest this week is Catherine Hoke, founder and CEO of Defy Ventures. Cat shares how her entrepreneurs-in-training program is trailblazing criminal justice reform at the local level and reducing recidivism across the country. With executive mentoring, Shark Tank-style business competitions, and personal and leadership development classes, Defy coaches former inmates to transform street hustle into successful entrepreneurship.

Up next is returning guest Harvey Silverglate, renowned civil liberties attorney and co-founder of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. Harvey scales the threat of overcriminalization, whereby unelected bureaucrats can charge individuals with crimes under a web of proliferating statutes and regulations, rogue attorneys general selectively prosecute political opponents, and institutions of higher education stifle free speech, training tomorrow’s voters to submit to bureaucratic rule.

You can hear the discussion by listening to the full show as-aired on iTunes, or you can check out the podcasts hosted on YouTube and SoundCloud. Make sure to check back next week for another episode of RealClear Radio Hour.

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