Reason’s John Stossel Interviews Michelle Minton on the E-Cigarette Scare

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently announced new regulations restricting the sale of e-cigarettes, supposedly to protect young people from harms associated with nicotine. However, as CEI Senior Fellow Michelle Minton, author of an upcoming CEI study on the topic, notes, “Rather than keeping adolescents away from nicotine, the FDA’s new rules will likely push adolescents to acquire e-cigarettes through illicit channels or simply use combustible cigarettes.” On top of that, Minton notes that the rules will make it less likely that adult smokers will switch to less harmful sources of nicotine.

In a new video interview from, Minton talks with John Stossel on how unwarranted fear mongering by public health advocates and their allies in government is undermining public health, by making it harder to purchase a product that can help smokers consume nicotine in a less harmful way than combustible cigarettes, or even potentially quit their deadly habit.