Regulation of the Day 186: Missing Children

Paige Johnson, 17, has been missing since September. Her grandmother, Jenny Roderick of Covington, Kentucky, spends most of her spare time putting up missing person posters with Paige’s picture all over the area. Maybe somebody saw her on the street. Maybe somebody knows something. Anything to get her granddaughter back.

Covington police promptly ordered Roderick to stop putting up fliers on city property.

City regulations prohibit putting fliers on utility poles. The Daily Mail reports that “While insisting that the city has ‘no intention of being insensitive to her family,’ the city manager said that regardless of what the posters say, they have to come down because they break city ordinances.”

Here’s hoping that Paige turns up safe and sound. Until then, Covington police might want to let this code violation slide.