Setting The Stage For Regulatory Reform — Part I

Just about everything in your life is regulated by the government; from the alarm clock that wakes you up in the morning to the size of the holes in your Swiss cheese at lunch, to the pillow you sleep on at night.

We don’t often think about these regulations because they seem to have no impact on our lives, but, in fact, they cost us quite a lot.

Want to build a house? On average, you will be spending an extra $77,655 on costs associated with government regulations. Own a small business and want to add two employees? That’s an extra $21,170 per year in regulatory burdens.

But regulations affect everyone. Last year, government regulations cost the average taxpayer $15,491.

Thankfully, this theft of our wealth can be easily prevented through regulatory reform, thereby increasing the prosperity of the entire nation. Keep an eye out for a new series of blog posts on regulatory efforts at home and abroad that will show how America can shake its economic doldrums.