The Enviro-Left Machine in Action

Fenton Communications has a long history of work within the left-wing advocacy apparatus. I’m delighted to see a great addition to the blogosphere, the Junk Science Mom, drill down into Fenton’s involvement in the manufactured campaign against bisphenol A, the plastics additive known as BPA. JSM presents a pretty good case study of how scare campaigns are orchestrated and nicely stitches together the interconnected relationships between activist groups, commercial businesses that stand to profit from these campaigns and the people who tie them all together (yet another example of a bootlegger-and-Baptist alliance). Fenton’s own website not only extols the firm’s success working with a corporation that specializes in BPA-free products it also trumpets the PR firm’s “partnership” with the Environmental Working Group and the Natural Resources Defense Council, both of which are virulently anti-BPA. Check it out!