The Market for Responsible Drinking

The alleged reason for many alcohol regulations — such as labeling mandates — is that consumers lack resources or ability to monitor and control their own drinking behavior. But the marketplace provides a host of solutions for consumers, including such things as online calorie counters .

One option for those seeking to monitor their own alcohol-blood levels is a portable, personal breathalyzer device! According to a story in the Buffalo News, this product — called the BAQ Tracker — costs $249 and “provides an accurate and reliable measurement of breath-alcohol concentration.”  For those with a more modest budget, the company provides a blackberry app for just $4.99. It calculates likely blood-alcohol based on input from the user related to weight, height, age, along with the amount and time over which alcohol is consumed. “The app calculates the person’s blood-alcohol quotient each time new information is entered, and it will also indicate how much time must pass before the person’s alcohol reading will reach 0.00 percent,” the Buffalo News reports.