The Market’s Winners and Losers

The People have spoken. They have picked the Market over the Government to be the chooser of winners and losers.

Here are the Market’s choices for winners:

1. Those that live in their homes, versus those that purchased houses to be flipped (third letter).
2. Homeowners that purchased a house that they could afford with a 30-year fixed, versus the over-extended with an adjustable rate.
3. Small local banks that didn’t make ARM loans with no money down, versus big ones with mortgage-backed securities.
4. Those that saved their money, versus those betting on the stock market.
5. Those who pay for their cars with cash, versus those who finance them.
6. Those who pay for their expenses with cash, versus those who run up credit card debt.
7. Those who save money for their kids’ college funds, versus those who rely on loans.
8. Those who chose preferred stock, versus owners of common stock.
9. Those industries that are needed by and contribute to today’s economy, versus those that rely on subsidies voted for them by politicians.
10. In the global market—the Market will choose economies that have less debt and low inflation, versus big spending governments with easy monetary policy.

In general, the Market will choose the prudent. Who would have the Government picked as winners? The Market’s choices for losers. The Bailout would have picked all of the losers above.

Risk is not immoral: everyone should be able to invest as they choose, but they do so at their own risk.