Touting Government Failures As Successes: Chris Zimmerman and Metro

Arlington County Board member Chris Zimmerman is touting “his experience on the Metro Board of Directors, of which he is the longest-serving member.”  This comes not long after federal investigators rebuked the WMATA subway system for a “systemic breakdown of safety management at all levels” that led to the deadly Red Line crash last summer and other fatal accidents.  Metro’s Board of Directors has turned a blind eye to incompetence, waste, and safety hazards at Metro, even while jacking up fares by massive amounts. All too often, threats to public safety are simply disregarded by Metro, and problem employees are kept on the job even after they commit safety violations or are responsible for accidents.

For Chris Zimmerman to tout his tenure on Metro’s Board is like George Bush praising himself for how he handled Hurricane Katrina, or Obama boasting about the government’s slow and inept response to the BP oil spill.  Heck of a job, Zimmie!