Traveling Eco-Friendly

Even most of us free market people like a clean environment.  But I’ll admit that I also like the conveniences and comforts provided by advanced industrial civilization.  You know, good health care, innovative communications, swift transportation, quality housing, and the like.  So the issue is one of trade-offs.

And if people want to live “green” lives by voluntarily eschewing some of the advantages of modern life, that’s great.  But sometimes the suggestions for eco-friendly living, including travel, seem, well, a little silly. has just put out a list of ten, which include buying luggage made of hemp, refilling your bottles of water with tap water, and arranging to be picked up by a hybrid vehicle.  My favorite was number one:

Go Before You Go.
If you wanna avert a little CO2, use the airport lavatory, not the one on the plane, since, believe it or not, the fuel used for every mile-high flush could run a car for 6 mi. Plus, who doesn’t want to avoid the cramped, nasty-smelling airplane bathroom?

Well, I guess that would work if it is a short flight.  Perhaps eco-conscious travelers could wear adult diapers for the transcontinental flights!