Welcome to the New CEI.org

Photo Credit: Getty

At the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), we are constantly thinking of ways to more effectively expand the boundaries of freedom. With that goal in mind, I’m excited to share an upgrade CEI has made to improve the way we interact with you. We’ve introduced a completely redesigned home for CEI on the World Wide Web.

The redesigned and re-thought cei.org dramatically improves the visual quality and functionality of CEI’s most important communication medium and aligns its aesthetic with the principles and spirit we share as supporters of the free market. Like a storefront, CEI.org is the window into our world of policy solutions and big ideas.

In 2019, cei.org received more than 2 million visitors and we want to keep expanding our reach. Just like consumers, Internet users window shop in the market of ideas. Mindful of this notion, the look and functionality of the website were designed to grab your attention and make the user experience both rich and seamless.  

The new website enhances CEI’s ability to embed, feature, and spotlight a full range of multimedia, showcasing the scope of our work better than ever. Modern users expect tweets, podcasts, videos, and media formats to integrate with responsive websites. The new cei.org delivers. 

Cei.org has substantially upgraded search and archive queries, making it easier than ever to find white papers, information on court cases, op-eds by CEI experts, and other content. We’ve also made it easier to register for our email lists, donate online to support our work, and register, re-watch, and provide feedback for our year-round policy events. 

CEI’s rich history of changing public policy is now on full display in the new interactive history section of cei.org. With your help, we’ve won many battles and we’re excited to share our current and historic work with a new interface and better features. 

Be sure to let us know what you think about it by using this form to receive your feedback. Happy browsing!