WHO Study on BPA: No Measurable Risks

The American Council on Science and Health has a great post on bisphenol A (BPA), noting yet another study that exonerates the chemical, which is used to make hard, clear plastics and resins used in a wide range of valuable applications. Released by the World Health Organization, this study conforms with many others that have found: No significant evidence of any health problems. It also points out that non-food exposures to BPA from such things as receipts are of of “minor relevance,” despite the fact that activists hype these very minor BPA exposures to garner lots of news coverage and generate fear among the public.

But of course government bureaucrats around the world will continue to study and re-study the issue — as long taxpayer dollars continue to flow into government research budgets thanks in good measure to activists hype. We can expect greens to march into statehouses — such as California and Oregon — when they open legislative sessions next year to  push yet more government bans of BPA. At least a half dozen states have already banned some uses such as for baby bottles.