Advice to gov’t on autonomous cars: Don’t mess it up

One News Now discusses the White House's announcement of new initiatives on automated vehicles, with Marc Scribner. 

Marc Scribner, fellow in transportation policy for the Competitive Enterprise Institute, thinks the most important thing in this discussion is that the Department of Transportation is now taking self-driving cars seriously in a way that they weren't really in the past.

"Now, we do have a number of caveats," Scribner begins, "and certainly the devil will be in the details, particularly with respect to how that $4 billion is going to be spent over ten years.

"That is going to be a budget request," he continues. "So we may not have anything close to that. [And] we appreciate that the Obama administration … is moving broadly in the right direction, [but] there are certainly things that they could mess up in the future and do things that could hinder the development of self-driving vehicles rather than help."

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