AFL-CIO poll: Trump not wooing union members

Politico's Morning Shift highlights Iain Murray's report on regulations threatening flexible work arrangements and innovation. 

The conservative-leaning Competitive Enterprise Institute is out with a new report examining the effects of recent regulations on flexible work arrangements. The study argues that business innovations like franchising have expanded work opportunities, but that regulations and rules from agencies like the National Labor Relations Board hamper the flexible work arrangements that new businesses and startups provide employees (or independent contractors). The author, CEI vice president for strategy Iain Murray, cites as examples of regulations that hinder innovation the National Labor Relations Board’s ruling in Browning Ferris, which expanded the definition of a joint employer; the Labor Department’s overtime rule; and an NLRB rule intended to speed up the union election process. Murray recommends that Congress narrow the definition of employment under the Fair Labor Standards Act; reform the National Labor Relations Act to remove the NLRB’s adjudication authority; and reform benefits laws. The full report is here:

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