As Bloomberg Eyes 2020 Run, Report Names Him Kingpin In National AG Scandal

Conservative Tribune cited CEI’s Senior Fellow Christopher Horner on “Law Enforcement for Rent” report.  

Citing “an analysis by the office of legal counsel that serves the Oregon State Legislature,” The Washington Free Beacon reported that in late August, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a Washington-based conservative think tank, uncovered a nationwide “scheme” in which a source outside of government was paying the salaries of a “special assistant attorney general” in Oregon and in other jurisdictions.

Other AG offices that were revealed as being involved include the District of Columbia, Maryland, Washington state, Massachusetts and — crucially — New York state. In each case, the ostensibly public official’s salary “was being paid by Michael Bloomberg using a pass-through agency,” the Free Beacon reported. Additionally, the officials were paid to concentrate on climate change issues, the Competitive Enterprise Institute investigation found.

Chris Horner, senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and author of the CEI report, had something special to say about the scheme’s operation in New York state.


He wrote that: “One state where the scheme is arguably illegal is New York, where disgraced former Attorney General Eric Schneiderman had a leading and organizing role at every stage of the campaign this paper describes.” But it doesn’t stop there.

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