DC Think Tank Calls on NBC to Stop Blacking Out Climate Skeptics

The Daily Caller cited CEI President Lassman on CEI’s NBC Climate Debate ad campaign:

The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) created an ad campaign pushing NBC’s “Meet the Press” to include climate skeptics in future broadcasts discussing aspects of global warming. NBC refused to run a televised version of the 30-second ad on its Jan. 20 episode, according to a CEI press statement.

“NBC has made it perfectly clear they have no interest in hosting an open debate on climate change or policy alternatives for the environment, as evidenced by their decision to reject both guests on-air and paid ads during the program to give expert views shared by millions of Americans,” CEI President Kent Lassman noted in a press statement Tuesday morning.

The ads, which will run in The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal, push back against “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd’s decision to exclude climate skeptics and calls for what CEI says is a real and open debate about the impacts of climate alarmism.

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