Dems Push For $15 Minimum Wage While Paying Their Own Staff WAY Less

The Daily Caller discusses the Democrats’ proposed $15 minimum wage hike with Hans Bader.

The Democratic Party is pushing for a federal $15 minimum wage as part of its recently revealed “Better Deal” economic platform, despite paying its own field organizers significantly less than that during the 2016 election cycle.

The new platform, announced Monday at a press conference in Berryville, Va., aims to ingratiate the Democratic Party with blue collar voters through populist economic messaging focused on prioritizing the interests of workers over those of corporate interests.

However, the same party pushing the dubious $15 minimum wage chose not to implement the policy itself during the 2016 election.

“Minimum wage increases are anti-stimulus packages for rural, low-wage areas,” Competitive Enterprise Institute Senior attorney Hans Bader told TheDCNF.

“Why? Because they cost consumers more than they provide in benefits to workers, even when the workers don’t lose their jobs. Consumers pay higher prices due to minimum wage increases. But the gain received by workers is partly offset by the tax code,” Bader said.

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