Dozens of Groups Urge Trump to Leave Paris Climate Deal

The Hill covers a coalition letter led by CEI urging President Trump to withdraw from the Paris Climate Treaty.

Dozens of conservative and free-market groups are reportedly urging President Trump to leave the Paris climate deal.

“The undersigned organizations believe that withdrawing completely from Paris is a key part of your plan to protect U.S. energy producers and manufacturers from regulatory warfare not just for the next four years but also for decades to come,” said a letter sent Monday to President Trump signed by 38 groups.

The groups that signed the letter include the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the American Energy Alliance.

In the letter, the groups wrote that some officials in the president’s administration “are relying on recent statements from former Obama administration officials that the U.S. can withdraw its [previous commitment under the accord] and submit a new [target] that makes far less ambitious commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

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