Economic Pressures Boost Thanksgiving Turkey Prices by 20%

The Washington Times cites Vice President for Strategy Iain Murray on Thanksgiving prices:

Iain Murray, a senior analyst at the libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute, said government regulations could be feeding the inflation.

“The main reason why Thanksgiving will be so expensive this year is that local, state and federal policymakers have allowed sclerosis to build up in the supply side of the economy,” Mr. Murray said.

He said tariffs drove up the prices of supplies, energy restrictions increased fuel costs and more tariffs led to a shortfall in truck chassis. California regulators have banned older trucks, and labor unions have kept ports from reopening 24/7, he said.

“With demand extremely high, all these and more regulations have combined to lengthen shipping times, reduce supply and raise prices,” said Mr. Murray, who directs the free market think tank’s Center for Economic Freedom.

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