EPA blocks bid to review basis for climate regs

E&E News cites CEI Attorney Devin Watkins on climate regulation:

“It’s shocking that it took more than five years for EPA to provide a response,” Devin Watkins, an attorney at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told E&E News. “One would think if the evidence was actually very strong they could have responded sooner.”

Regan denied CEI’s petition in a letter to the think tank. He also sent similar letters denying other petitions on the endangerment finding.

Watkins reiterated CEI’s doubts about the models and methodologies that support the finding, which was completed in 2009. The overwhelming view of scientists is that accumulated greenhouse gas emissions endanger human health and welfare — the standard set out in the Clean Air Act.

On CEI’s next move, Watkins said, “As to where we go from here, we have not yet decided.”

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