EU Head Mockingly Says Trump Doesn’t ‘Fully Understand’ The Paris Climate Accord

The Daily Caller covers statements made by EU President Jean-Claude Juncker about President Trump and the Paris Climate Agreement.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker mocked President Donald Trump’s understanding of certain legal aspects of the Paris agreement on climate change.

Trump is expected to withdraw from the Paris accord sometime this week, but Juncker said “that’s not how it works.”

“The Americans can’t just leave the Climate Protection Agreement,” Juncker said at an event in Berlin, Germany Wednesday. “Mr. Trump believes that because he doesn’t get close enough to the dossiers to fully understand them.”

“It would take three to four years after the agreement came into force in November 2016 to leave the agreement,” Juncker said. “So this notion, ‘I am Trump, I am American, America First and I’m going to get out of it’ – that won’t happen.”

Trump promised to “cancel” the Paris agreement on the campaign trail, and White House aides have told reporters he is still leaning towards exiting the deal.

“Exiting the agreement would overturn Obama’s end run around the treaty process, safeguard Americans’ ability to self-govern without foreign influence, dispel the long shadow over our economic and energy future, and expand access to affordable energy around the globe, helping eradicate poverty at home and abroad,” said Myron Ebell of the Competitive Enterprise Institute who also headed Trump’s EPA transition team.

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