Exclusive: Court Memos Shed Light On Michael Bloomberg’s Role In NYC’s Climate Crusade

The Daily Caller cited CEI’s Senior Fellow Chris Horner’s “Law Enforcement for Rent” report.

“Are we sure it is correct to refer to him as a ‘volunteer.’ And not an employee,” Rosenblum asked her deputy AG in a June 17 email. “Can you be an unpaid employee of the State? As a SAAG doesn’t that make one an employee?” Her email was included in a June report from the Competitive Enterprise Institute detailing the extent of Bloomberg’s campaign.

Rosenblum added: “I find it strange to call someone who is working under our supervision with the title of SAAG and who is getting paid (by a third-party) the same as he would if he were working for [the Department of Justice] as a regular [assistant attorney general] — a volunteer.” Senior Deputy Legislative Counsel Marisa James made similar complaints in a September memo that called the legal fellow position a “conflict” with the law.

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