Feds Rule Unions No Longer Need Consent To Combine Workplaces

The Daily Caller discusses with Trey Kovacs a decision by labor regulators which makes it easier to unionize multiple workplaces as a single unit. 

“This is doubling-down on the 2015 Browning-Ferris decision,” Competitive Enterprise Institute Labor Policy Expert Trey Kovacs told TheDCNF. “But now under the Miller & Anderson decision, the union can organize the contractors and temp workers at a company at the same time.”

The NLRB has defended its new joint-employer standard by noting corporations oftentimes have too much control over the smaller companies they contract with for them to be considered their own independent operations. Kovacs warns companies could be deterred from contracting out or using temporary workers, which will decrease employment opportunity.

“They are going to be very selective on the temporary work options they use,” Kovacs added. “Maybe they’ll just give more overtime instead of using temp workers.”

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