Flint water case offers new spin on state use of outside counsel

Watchdog.org discusses CEI's 2015 list of the worst state attorneys general in the United States. 

And in the 2015 edition of “The Nation’s Worst Attorneys General,” the Competitive Enterprise Institute highlights several examples of such corruption.

Topping the list is disgraced former Pennsylvania AG Kathleen Kane, a Democrat. CEI writes that her laundry list of abuses include awarding lucrative no-bid contracts to campaign contributors, illegally hiding these contracts from the public and “using taxpayer money to hire lawyers to invent rationalizations for doing so.” Kane is currently serving a 10-to-23-month prison sentence for perjury and abuse of office.

Second place honors went to Mississippi’s Jim Hood, whom CEI noted has a distinct pattern of crony coziness with Big Tobacco’s Scruggs. In just one instance, while Scruggs was embroiled in a lawsuit against State Farm, Scruggs helped bankroll the Democrat’s 2007 campaign. Hood subsequently pushed State Farm into a settlement that netted Scruggs $26.5 million. Federal prosecutors even wrote there exists a “remarkably close relationship” between the two. Scruggs, by the way, spent five years in prison for bribery of federal judges in yet another case.

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