Groups Push to Gut Pentagon’s Climate Directives in Spending Bill

The Washington Examiner covers a coalition letter led by CEI urging Congress to amend a spending bill to not make climate change a priority for the U.S. military.

A coalition of conservative and free-market groups is lobbying lawmakers to amend a major defense policy bill that would ensure climate change is no longer part of the Pentagon’s planning and operations going forward.

“These climate programs and policies have nothing to do with the mission of the United States’ Armed Services,” said a letter sent to House members by the coalition on Wednesday. “In fact, many of these programs and policies are likely to undermine military readiness by diverting scarce resources to such things as helping state and local governments to ‘go green,’ meeting targets for reducing carbon dioxide emissions, meeting a variety of green energy quotas, meeting fleet requirements for low and zero emissions vehicles, and incorporating climate resilience and preparedness as principal aims of land and water management.”

The libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute is leading the lobbying effort, and Myron Ebell, Trump’s former head of transition for the Environmental Protection Agency, signed the letter with over a dozen others.

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