House and Senate may soon settle on 3-month FAA extension

Politico's Morning Transportation quotes Marc Scribner on the Department of Transportation's ban of e-cigarettes on all U.S. commercial flights.  

‘Vapes on a plane’ (now that sounds like a great movie): DOT’s new rule got plenty of applause from members of Congress: Democratic Sens. Dick Durbin, Richard Blumenthal, Jack Reed, and Ed Markey all tacked on their praise, along with Rep. Peter DeFazio and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton. Who’s against? The Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Marc Scribner: “In a twisting of the English language that would make Orwell proud, the DOT has stretched the definition of ‘smoking’ to include smoke-free water vapor because some vapor products ‘resemble traditional cigarettes,’” adding that the DOT’s decision “has less substance to it than the vapor emitted by e-cigs themselves.”

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