How Trump White House Wound Up Releasing Dire Climate Report

Bloomberg Markets cited Myron Ebell on his findings that the Trump administration did not do enough research into reanalyzing climate data released by previous administrations. 

The Trump administration has dismissed the threat of climate change, proposed cuts to climate research and remade scientific advisory boards. Yet it released a report on Friday that said climate change is real, dangerous and man-made.

The 477-page report — mandated by law to be issued every four years — was written by dozens of scientists from government agencies, national labs and universities. It concluded, “this period is now the warmest in the history of modern civilization,” and documented how that’s leading to melting glaciers, extreme storms and sea-level rise.

“It is unfortunate that the Trump Administration has released these Obama-era climate reports, without attempting to remove the junk science — and the reports are full of junk science,” said Myron Ebell, the director of the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Center for Energy and Environment, which doesn’t accept the scientific consensus about climate change.

There are prior examples of a president dismissing the findings of government scientists. President George W. Bush in 2002 dismissed a multiagency climate science report by saying, “I read the report put out by the bureaucracy.”

You can read the full article at Bloomberg Markets.