In budget fight, appropriators eye long TSA wait times

Politico's Morning Transportation discusses CEI's lawsuit against the TSA's body scanner rule and quotes Marc Scribner on the case. 

COMING TODAY: The Competitive Enterprise Institute is planning to file a lawsuit today against TSA, arguing that a rule published earlier this year on the use of body scanners to conduct security screening. In the lawsuit, CEI says that TSA has downplayed the intrusiveness of body scanners in their push to replace walk-through metal detectors. The organization argues that the body scanners will cause many would-be airline passengers to choose to drive instead, and that change of mode could result in increased traffic fatalities.

From CEI’s Marc Scribner: “While the TSA is promoting body scanners as a security measure, the odds are that this rule actually puts the traveling public at greater risk, not less. … They failed to account for the invasiveness and delays associated with the TSA’s scanners that prompt some air travelers to take to their cars instead, which is a riskier mode of travel than flying.”

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