New FDA Anti-Vaping Campaign Plans To Target Teens

VapingPost covers CEI’s joint objection with CASAA to the Obama administration’s ban on vaping on aircrafts.

Hopes that the new FDA tobacco control policy would be good news for vapers were quickly dashed this week, when the agency began to reveal more details of its plans. The centrepiece is a planned campaign to deter teenagers from vaping, which is not quite what advocates were hoping for.

In another blow to American vapers, the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association has failed in its attempt to strike down the Obama administration’s ban on vaping on aircraft. CASAA, together with the Competitive Enterprise Institute, argued that the decision to include vapour products in the existing federal smoking ban was based on the use of poor-quality science. They also raised the issue of whether the ban went beyond the FAA’s legal authority, and pointed out that an anti-smoking law was being used to ban products that produce no smoke.

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