Norquist Warns GOP: Don’t Link Taxes, Infrastructure

The Hill discusses with Marc Scribner coupling President Trump’s infrastructure plan with tax reform.

Coupling Trump’s rebuilding plan with tax reform will only result in watered-down versions of each priority, conservative groups say.

Some are concerned that the negotiations that would be required to win Democratic support would result in final legislation that looks nothing like the original proposals.

“It’s a bad idea,” said Marc Scribner, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. “You’re going to end up with something that nobody’s going to be really happy with: mediocre tax reform and a mediocre infrastructure bill.”

Transportation advocates worry that attaching an infrastructure package to a complicated tax overhaul will make Trump’s national rebuilding proposal an afterthought.

“Whenever you start talking major tax reform, whatever else you’re tying it to becomes secondary,” Scribner said. “We need long-term solutions. What we’re going to end up with is more can-kicking.”

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