Obama Finalized $100 BILLION Worth Of New Regulations This Year

The Daily Caller discusses the hidden costs of federal regualtions with Wayne Crews. 

A report by the free market Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) found federal regulations amount to a $15,000 a year “hidden tax” on families. Regulatory costs exceed what the federal government expected to collect from corporate and individual incomes taxes in 2015.

“The federal government has become very savvy in hiding costs by expanding their reach beyond taxes into regulations,” CEI’s Clyde Wayne Crews Jr. said in April. “Unfortunately, regulatory costs get little attention in policy debates, because unlike taxes, they are difficult to quantify because they are unbudgeted and often indirect.”

“But the impacts of burdensome regulations are very real and increase costs for consumers and businesses, limiting productivity and a thriving free market,” he said.

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