Plastic Straw Ban Crusades Are About Progressive Virtue Signaling, Not Practical Solutions

The Daily Signal cited CEI’s Senior Fellow Angela Logomasini on plastic straw ban.

Angela Logomasini, a researcher at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a pro-free market nonprofit, said that while plastic buildup in waterways and oceans is a problem, it’s not one that will be affected by straw bans.

“The problem is a disposal problem,” Logomasini said, according to The Washington Times. “Most of it is in Asia and Africa because they have open dumps and they pour tons of trash into the ocean. They don’t have the proper disposal methods. If you dispose of something properly, it’s not a problem.”

Given the lack of evidence that the world will soon be covered in straws or that straw bans will make a dent in the more serious problem of plastic waste in the ocean, why is this movement still a priority for progressive activists?

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