Privately Funded Government Jobs Advance Left’s Climate Agenda

Competitive Enterprise Institute Details How Governors Used Activist Donor Money to Bypass Legislatures

LifeZette cited CEI’s report by Senior Fellow Christopher Horner, “Government for Rent.”

Christopher Horner, a CEI fellow who wrote a report released Tuesday, titled “Government for Rent,” contrasted that environmental group-supplied cash with progressive complaints leveled against corporate spending.

He noted that Democratic Party donor Wendy Abrams expressed to then-New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman her consternation that ExxonMobil had spent $31 million fighting climate change activism over two decades.

“These people are spending $10 million on a political event over the course of the next two days … This should add some perspective to that,” he told LifeZette.

The 44-page report follows a paper Horner wrote for the Washington think tank last month, pointing to the cozy relationship between liberal attorneys general and wealthy environmental activists.

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