Regulatory Costs Soar as Biden Adds Rules Faster Than Predecessors

The Washington Examiner cites Vice President for Policy Wayne Crews on Biden Administration regulations:

In a broader sense, Wayne Crews, vice president for policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told the Washington Examiner that one of the biggest changes since Biden took office was ending Trump’s “one-in, two-out” executive order that directed agencies to repeal two existing regulations for every new one and keep costs low. Biden cast that policy out the door on his way into the Oval Office.

Crews said that Biden has worked to expand the regulatory state since being sworn in and, in a recent article about regulations since Biden has taken office, Crews said that the president didn’t just toss Trump’s deregulatory agenda to the side but instead “hurled it away with great force, systematically revoking it in word and deed.”

Looking ahead, Biden is set to revamp environmental regulations that were changed under Trump. Upon entering office last January, the administration laid out a road map for pausing implementation of more than 100 Trump-era environmental policies that were under review, with Biden signing an executive order to do so.

Crews noted that one tool at Biden’s disposal has been the Congressional Review Act, which allows new legislatures to repeal rules and regulations made during a “look-back” period dating back to the prior 60 legislative days of the previous administration. He said that up until Trump, the act had only been used once, but Trump used it 16 times to get rid of Obama-era rules, and Biden followed suit and used the mechanism three times during his first year to roll back Trump-era regulations.

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