Report: Obama Climate Change Aides in Shadow ‘Cabinet’ to Thwart Trump

The Washington Examiner cited CEI’s report by Senior Fellow Christopher C. Horner, “Government for Rent.”

In it’s “Government for Rent” report, the Competitive Enterprise Institute published dozens of emails detailing the scheme and the efforts by governments to have the activists draw up official state climate change agenda paid for by private donations.

The report, written by Christopher C. Horner, a senior fellow CEI, focuses on this week’s Global Climate Action Summit hosted by California Gov. Jerry Brown and co-chaired by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, United Nations representatives, and others, that is being produced by outside interests.

“The summit is part of a larger scheme, in which governors’ offices are coordinating with activists and donors, who in turn are underwriting a massive, off-the-books campaign to provide staff and other resources to elected officials,” said CEI.


“The documents, obtained through open records requests, show non-profit groups acting as well-compensated pass-through entities for donors to fund climate change work, directly hiring staff and providing other assets, in governors’ offices in California, New York, and Washington,” said CEI.

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