Republican Congressmen Introduce Bill Supporting PFC Increase

Marc Scribner is quoted on passenger facility charge modernization in Airport Revenue News:

The trade organizations, however, are not the only supporter of the new bill. Marc Scribner, a fellow in the Center for Technology and Innovation at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, has long supported putting PFC funds back in the hands of airports’ local jurisdictions. 

In a write-up on the organization’s website, he wrote that running local PFC funds through the federal government puts a stranglehold on airports, which often requires them to turn to airline customers to complete needed facility expansions and enhancements. 

“The PFC is a local user fee alternative to federal grants strongly supported by free-market transportation researchers, which allows participating airports to behave more like businesses,” Scribner wrote. “The hope is that shifting airports away from traditional government subsidies and toward user fees will set the stage for broader reforms, such as privatization, in the future.”