Senate, House Panels Unveil Dueling FAA Funding Bills

CEI Senior Fellow Marc Scribner discusses air traffic control reform with Law360:

Supporters of an air traffic control overhaul say the House bill put forth by Shuster offers the most significant aviation reform of the past 40 years.

“We applaud Chairman Shuster’s leadership on this important issue,” Marc Scribner, a transportation policy senior fellow with the Competitive Enterprise Institute, said. “If enacted, these reforms will allow U.S. air traffic control to finally enter the 21st century, resulting in shorter flights, fewer delays and cancellations, and lower airfares for travelers.”

Scribner explained that the FAA has been trying to implement a much-needed air traffic control modernization effort known as the Next Generation Air Transportation System, or NextGen, with little success and massive cost overruns and delays. Government audit reports confirm big problems with ongoing federal modernization efforts, and adopting proven international best practices in air traffic management will preserve U.S. leadership in aviation, Scribner said.

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